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Radio Read Meters

West Wilson Utility District would like to inform our customers that we have installed radio read meters within our service area.

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Posted by: mikeb

We have completed our project of installing radio read meters in our system as of October 15, 2007 ahead of schedule.   This will be of great benefit to our customers to ensure accuracy and to help catch any leaks in customers’ lines.

This project has also accomplished greater safety for our meter readers, faster and more efficient reading of the meters, and less manpower to get the job done.

We ask for our customers’ cooperation in not tampering with these meters in any way.  They are very expensive to replace and the customer will be held responsible for any damages done to the meter, and will be billed for those damages accordingly.

If you have any questions about the radio read meters, please contact Michael Clay at our office at 615-758-5682.

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