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Billing And Payment Policies

Your water bill is based upon your water usage for approximately 30 days. The rates we use to determine the amount of your bill are posted on this website under “Our Rates.”

Your due date is the same every month and is always shown on your water bill. Failure to receive your bill does not release you from payment obligation. If your payment is not received in our office by your due date for any reason, a 12.5% penalty will be added to the account; this is the difference between the net and gross bill.

However, if you have not had a penalty, door hanger, or been pulled for nonpayment in the past two years, upon request by you, as a courtesy we will remove the penalty. If this is done, you will not be eligible for another penalty to be removed for two more years.


Door hangers are left once an account is two months past due, and a $20 charge is added to the account. Once a door hanger is left, the account must be paid in full to avoid disconnection of service.

If an account is pulled for nonpayment, a $25 reset fee will be added to the account. If we have to reset the service after hours, there will be a $50 reset fee added to the account.

PLEASE NOTE: If your service is disconnected and you make payment online or by IVR, it will NOT be reset until the next business day!!!!

If you have been pulled for nonpayment of your sewer bill, it will not be reset
until we receive authorization from the sewer company, and we do not do
sewer resets after hours.

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