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Increased Utility Crew Activity


West Wilson Utility District is conducting an inspection to identify the materials of all water service lines, as required by the Federal Environmental Protection Agency. Due to this inspection, you may notice increased utility crew activity around your water meter box. In December 2021, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) revised a Lead and Copper Rule requiring all public utilities to develop a comprehensive water supply line inventory. All water utilities are required to review their entire system and identify the service lines constructed material for all properties - both the utility-owned service lines (from the water main to the water meter) as well as the privately-owned lines leaving the meter by October 2024.

To comply with new federal regulation and meet all deadlines, West Wilson Utility District's service crew will continue to collect data within the entire service area. Data collection methods include visual verification of pipe material through service lines inspections at the meter box. Please note that these inspections do not require any service interruptions and will not affect any property's driveways, sidewalks, or landscaping.

Please call our office at 615-758-5682 for any questions.